I have an ACE score of 7. (thanks mum)

I used to struggle to focus; My anxious-mind would rather be ruminating on past-traumas and percieved future-perils.

The only way I could be present in an academic environment was by doodling in the margins. Doodling, sketching, scrawling, and expressing myself in a two-inch narrow gap.

A scratchy sketch of a stick-man camping in a forest under the rain.
I was not always a happy camper
A tiny sketch on lined paper of a house about to be crushed by a boulder
I suffered from depression with a dash of impending doom.
A crude mandala-style drawing using red and black biro ink on lined-paper
Drawing repeating patterns helped to keep me grounded.

It was a coping- mechanism I leaned on in my professional life.

A series of abstract drawings
With some encouragement, I broke out of the margins.

I made my way from pen & paper into Photoshop.

An abstract digital painting
I upcycled,


and extrapolated.

symmetrical in form asymmetrical in colour abstract digital painting.
I’ve distilled my demons.
A series of images demonstrating styles being transferred to portraits using neural-processing
I even put it all over my big dumb face.
Cameron Forester's Profile Image
I’m a much happier camper now.

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